Security Policy
Last Updated on Nov 17th, 2020
Although for more than 4 years we’ve partnered with many companies one-on-one without any issues at all, we noticed from our research that especially for our first time customers, sometimes there could be doubts, shaky trusts and fears of getting scammed.
So we worked towards it and recently created an account with a well-known third party platform that will hold on to the payment until we’ve successfully completed your project.
But if we convinced you well enough to trust us, and we also have a direct bank account, where you can easy make payment without having to go through any registrations with a third-party.
2. At the Funnel Junkies, we always place your success as our success, carrying out each and every project like a personal one to make sure we always deliver the best and reach our client’s peak of satisfaction hence, a very minute chance for a refund.
But if circumstances reach beyond our control, we would yield to a money back guarantee. (terms and conditions apply).

Nikolai & Elizabeth
Founder & Co. Founder of FUNNEL FREAKS
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